Our Story Started in 2021.

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fertilization and weed control

Family Owned Business in Springfield, Ma.

We service Springfield, East Longmeadow and Longmeadow Massaschusetts

Vernon had always wanted to start a landscape business. His passion for turf care started at Putnam Vocational and  led him to pursue a Degree in Turf Sciences from the University of Massachusetts Amherst to hone his skills. Little did he know that this academic journey would become the foundation for his own venture.

After seven dedicated years working for a landscaping company, Vernon decided it was time to sow the seeds of his dreams. In 2021, he took a leap of faith and established Greenland Lawn Care, a company committed to providing top-notch services in fertilization and weed control, sprinkler repair, as well as aeration and overseeding.

Greenland Lawn Care wasn’t just a business for Vernon; it was an extension of his love for the environment and his community. Armed with the knowledge gained through years of study and practical experience, he was ready to turn lawns into vibrant, healthy havens.

A Growing Business:

As the seasons change, Greenland Lawn Care’s reputation has grown as it has worked to serve the community. Vernon’s commitment to excellence and personalized service began to blossom. The people of Springfield soon recognized the meticulous care he invested in every project.

Vernon’s team, a carefully selected group of individuals who shared his dedication, became an integral part of GreenLand Lawn Care. 

The company’s range of services expanded, with clients praising not just the visual appeal of their lawns but also the health and vitality of the grass. Our team’s expertise in sprinkler repair ensured that every inch of the landscape received the right amount of hydration, while aeration and overseeding became essential components of GreenLand Lawn Care’s success. Our team’s passion and dedication stem from Vernon who turned his love for turf science into a flourishing business.